Monday, February 1, 2010

Milo 13 mths

Dear forgotten Photography Blog,
I am so sorry that I got myself knocked up and the
thing that I had to put on the side was you.
But not to worry (and yes I know that you should never ever start a sentence with but)
But not to worry because this baby is just about here!!!!!
That's right only 5 to 6 weeks left.
For all the people who might just stop by just in case
I post something, anything.
I will be back in action in May and I am now almost
booked up. So if you need seniors or family or food pixs,
First come first serve, so please don't push and be kind.
On to the Photo's
Mr Milo is now 13 mths old and here are some dang cute pixs of my little man!

Thanks for stopping by and see ya in May.


the mama monster said...

ahhhh i love those big blue eyes and beatle hair. may huh? maybe i will be skinny by then and want my family pics done.

Megan @ Megity's Handmade said...

Oh how I love those blue eyes and shaggy hair.

angie b said...

Thanks for your nice comments Kim, they are always so nice.
Can't wait to see your newborn pictures of your baby!!!!